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Alternative Soundtracks

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PostPosted: Aug Tue 12, 2003 1:33 pm    Post subject: Alternative Soundtracks Reply with quote

I’ve been thinking of getting the GameCube version of Eggo Mania (as it’s called over here in Europe) for a while, and a few days ago I got it for £10 in a sale. So far, I’ve hardly played it because my brother and sister have been glued to it so much.

I remember reading in an interview with a HotGen developer that in the X-Box version there is a ‘Jukebox’ mode that lets you play the game to music saved on the console’s hard disk, so while watching my brother and sister play I started thinking about what Björk songs would go best with each stage. This is what I’ve got so far:

Fairground - I Miss You
Noisy, varied and very wacky but also one of her most disturbing songs, so should give it a bit of ‘edge’.

Lost World - Human Behaviour
The ‘music’ on this stage is disappointing, very quiet and ambient. Don’t you think an erupting volcano and rampaging dinosaur need a bit of ROCK to go with them? The dada drumming should also give it a very primitive feel, and the song could be made to loop quite well.

Giant’s Beanstalk - Venus As Boy
Bright, happy and bouncy, but also very beautiful in it’s own way. I often have to listen to this song to cheer me up after I’ve been listening to Hunter too much.

Factory - Army Of Me
Well what else comes to mind when you think of clanking and pumping machines in a dark, menacing factory? Okay, loads of stuff - but it dosen't come any better than this.

Moon City - Hyperballad
The music on this stage sounds pretty Björkish already, but this is the obvious choice for anything cosmic and neon-coloured.

City of Gold - Isobel
At first I thought Hidden Place, very dark and mysterious, but not much of a tropical feel. And then I remembered the opening of Isobel, which sounds like you’re descending from a beautiful bright sky into a dark and divine forest filled with exotic plants and twittering birds.

Yolkohama’s Palace - Verandi
I tried to stick to singles, but couldn’t find one of this. Verandi was originally a B-Side to Hidden Place, but is also a free download from the official web site and although it’s not particulary Japanease-sounding, it fits the stage perfectly as a spectacular and epic finale.

Title and menus - Alarm Call
This probably can’t be customised, but if there was ever a sequel to Eggo Mania, maybe they could should seek out the licence to this. icon_wink.gif It has probably the greatest ‘kick in’ moment ever, and this should happen just as the title bounces down. Also has plenty of wiring and beeping to go with the mechanical theme of the menus.

Now this is when I start to get stuck. I don’t expect there to be that many Björk fans on this forum (although there should be) but if there are any I think they’d understand how these go together even when it’s quite different from the original music. And even though I seem obsessed, I’ve actually only got 2 Björk CDs so there’s probably things I haven’t heard that would go with the few remaining stages. The only things I can think of are Hunter for Haunted Mansion, just because it’s dark and depressing, and a few of Prydrm’s Remixes might go well with Eggolot’s Castle. And for Arabian Nights - maybe the Hearts & Bones mix of Hidden Place?
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