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A real superman game!

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PostPosted: Aug Wed 13, 2003 12:23 pm    Post subject: A real superman game! Reply with quote

There should be a real superman game!
not one based on that cartoon or any of that crap, but one based on the comics fighting off all the villains in non stop, just like the old school days of the death and return of superman, now that was a one hell of a superman game, top notch if you ask me. And i really enjoyed the whole thing of playing as superman then him dying so then you had to fight as the cyborg and everything, now that was bad ass! Superamn: shadow of apokalips was too 'nice' and 'calm' and 'happy', there was nothing action packed about it, it was all just flying around and doing puzzles. if there are any plans on makign a new superman game please think about my suggestion i guarantee you will have a much bigger fan base if you would do that and i dont think i am the only one here would thinks so....
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PostPosted: Dec Tue 09, 2003 11:33 pm    Post subject: Supes Reply with quote

Ya' know, the last son of krypton has always been a fav. character of mine... It's the whole "powergamer/munchkin" thing really. Bulletproof, amazingly strong, ungodly oodles of flight speed, unlimited amounts of x-ray vision, etc... Ya know, he's just such a heavy hitter.

I've always thought that most Superman games got it wrong. But, could they ever get it right? In most games, Superman takes a pretty good beating, and it's challenging. Well that has to be done, it's a game, right? But think about it... What's really going to hurt him? If all the enemies in the game use Kryptonite-tipped bullets, then yes, he'll take a lot of damage. But isn't this kinda cheezy? I played the dismal N64 Superman game, it was terrible. Lack of variety in enemies, and every single one of them could damage our Krypton Hero, not a very good representation of his superior physiology...

I remember watching the old Superman tv shows. He went up against normal thugs often, and never once did they pose a threat. Their bullets never hurt him, and any Superman game needs to take this in mind. There should be a handfull of bosses to hurt Supes... but their thugs? Not a chance. With freeze breath and laser eye-beams, dealing with enemies will be a snap. And Fisticuffs? No normal will ever pose a threat to him. It would be a game filled with one-hit kills.

I would be pleased with such a game, although in order to meet my critereon, it would admittedly be something along the lines of nothing more than a frustration relief.

Although, here is an idea. Lets take the inspiration of the wildly popular GTA franchise. The interactive city, alive with people and places. We include a plotline, a story mode, taking us against a mixture of thugs, some of which would pit us against those armed with Kryptonite weapons. This should pose somewhat of a challenge. Later, our enemies grow stronger, and we encounter other super-villians, and maybe even face off against Doomsday or something like that. Let us make that optional.

It would be neat to fly around Metropolis, just taking out normal criminals, and see the occasional appearance by a real villian. Just a kind of "slice of life in the Day of Clark Kent". You see the crashing airplane, you fly under the engine, you help it land, Lois takes your picture, and you beat the living daylights out of tons of normal baddies.

The last son of Krypton is quite nearly invulnerable, but in any game I've ever played, he felt no stronger, no faster, or no better than anyone else. Even in Death and Return, It was only a picture of him, but I really felt like I was fighting with Cody and Haggar, and neither of them can fly. To do our hero justice, we have to think: "Max Payne", "The Matrix", the "Final Fight" series, the "Descent" series (for flying around lots, and useable flight controls), and "True Crime: Streets of L.A." for the run-around and stop-the-naughty-thugs style of freedom.

Now THIS is a challenge.
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Devil Trigger

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PostPosted: Jul Fri 30, 2004 7:10 am    Post subject: Reply with quote

with a free roaming city and mission based could be very cool icon_eek.gif
Pantera - Cemetary Gates... icon_biggrin.gif
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PostPosted: Aug Sun 01, 2004 9:43 pm    Post subject: reply Reply with quote

i wouldnt count on it they already forgot topgear
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