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I suggest a critical feature

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PostPosted: Nov Sun 21, 2004 1:30 am    Post subject: I suggest a critical feature Reply with quote

Turn based strategy games are very fun and also popular among enthusiasts of gaming; however despite their incredible playability they remain a niche genre. Why is this? One of the obvious reasons is the complexity of the games, the inability to "pick up and play" for those just learning the game. Also for those multi-player games they often take equipment and internet or LAN access that the beginning gamer or new gamer may not have.
To increase the speed by which these gamers are introduced to turn based multi-player strategy games and to increase exposure, appeal and competition of these games i believe it is critical to have the ability to play 2-player (at least) multi-player simultaneously on one screen, with one console...
Now, the challenge is that people will obviously be able to see each others moves and commands; I think this only neccessitates an issue of the Honor System, the trust and willingness for opponents to either divert their eyes and attention from the screen or leave the room/find something else to do (homework?) while the other party makes their moves.
When they return their should possibly be an "instant replay" of the effect of their opponents moves from the standard p.o.v. of the person attacked.
This is how I myself was introduced to TBS games. My friend (for whom I am grateful) introduced me to Panzer General II for PC of which 2 player was a standard mode and from him I was mentored in the advanced selections/controls and tactics.
That method of learning was invaluable and provided great playability, as well as sociability and co-operation, to a game which easily could have been a private venture by one person and undiscovered by another. The fact that we had no internet access and only one computer at the time made this a critical feature in our choice to play and my eventual fascination with the Turn Based Strategy.
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PostPosted: Nov Mon 22, 2004 9:32 am    Post subject: Reply with quote

You will be glad to hear that 4 people can play at the same time, on one console, in Dai Senryaku VII. Now, there is the situation where you can see where the other player is moving, unless you look away. However, once the player has moved the "fog of war" effect takes place, not allowing the other players to see the enemies units, unless they are within the scan area. I think it works quite well and is a fun multiplayer experience. icon_twisted.gif
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