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"The Batman"!!!! new WB cartoon looks incredible!!

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the scarecrow

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PostPosted: Mar Mon 15, 2004 8:30 pm    Post subject: "The Batman"!!!! new WB cartoon looks incredible!! Reply with quote

i, like most, was skeptical. the Timm/Dini animated Batman was really good stuff. but saturday i saw the sneak peek for the fall animated series on WB called "The Batman". it looked dark, very creepy looking Batman with a tattered looking cape...creep Joker and evil sounding Penguin, Catwoman that looked sorta Hush-ish....very cool..overall i was blown away. voice acting sounded good as well. of course the stories will be the make or break but honestly this looks better than the old animated series, imo.

The Batman sorta looks like a cross between Breyfogle's Batman and Miller's Batman. what a great combo!!!

here's the link to the Legion of Gotham forum....again...this looks incredible. i am so all we need is a new "The Batman" video game....
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PostPosted: Dec Thu 02, 2004 9:16 am    Post subject: "The Batman" Disaster Reply with quote

This is quite possible the most HORRID version of Batman I have ever had the dispeasure of viewing. It's even worse than that pathetic campy sixties show. Number one, they completely BUTCHERED some classic characters that have been with us for over 60 years. I'm not against change mind you, but this is just.......words cannot discribe how completely aweful this is. I mean look what they did to Joker. He looks like a white Bob Marley, or an ICP reject. And I've never know Joker to run around barefooted and gripping ropes of a Hot Air balloon with his toes. Joker was never known for any fighting skills, it was his cleverness, and decietful nature that made him such a worthy foe. And the fact that they turned him into a slouching monkey hoping around and flipping through the air grabbing thigs with his feet *#% ME OFF.....I detest this show, it's worse than Batman and Robin........burn it, shred it, what ever, just get rid of it, and bring back the classics......You can't change something so drastically after 60 years and expect it to fly, what the hell were these idiots thinking. It really makes me mad that people will tolerate the perversions of these classic characters. ESPECIALLY JOKER!
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PostPosted: Dec Thu 02, 2004 9:25 am    Post subject: Forgot to mention Reply with quote

One thing I did forget to mention, I must applaud the background Artwork, I do think it is amazing, and the voice talents are great as well. The new Joker isn't a Mark Hamill, but I do love the new sadistic sound, it defiantly sounds scary, I think Joker would have sounded more like that at times. And the actors ability to go from a deep sadistic voice to a high pitched maniacal laughter is simply amazing, but I still stand by my hating their redesign, their original designs have worked for them for over 60 years, and thats what we came to know and love.......they don't need to pervert these characters like this.......Bring back Jokers tailcoat, bring back Penguin's monacle........and....GOD knows....what happened to Bane?
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