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PostPosted: Nov Tue 08, 2005 9:53 am    Post subject: Reply with quote

I thought I'd do my first AAR a little different with a little RPG-ish storytelling and see how it all turns out.

Map: Fire Prarie
Players: 1 Human, 3 Normal Computers
Alliances: None

Blue: United States (AI)
Red: Russia (Player 1)
Green: Chinese (AI)
Yellow: Israel (AI)

NOTE: No map settings were altered.

Strategic Planning Phase

The Red Army's initial goal is to move swiftly and capture the outlying facilities, primarily focusing on Airfields and Factories. Once we have secured an adequate buffer zone, we shall begin capturing the remaining cities within our patrol zones and begin moving heavy armor columns North towards Green's encampment.

We should support our armor with SPHs and SPAAGs and provide air cover over our supply lines. Capture Cities only if the opportunity arises while traveling and the threat is minimal. Meanwhile, we will also keep tabs on the course of the battle elsewhere to avoid being taken by surpirse. Once Green is eliminated, we can assess the battlefield and prepare to engage the remaining threats.

Combat Phase

Days 1-4: So far, no enemy contact made. Quick action nets capture of 2 Airfields, 1 Factory and 1 City. Armor column recon element locates lone Green Heavy MBT, engages and destroys it on Turn 4.

Day 5: Initial wave of Green MBTs crash into my armor columns and Attack Helos inflict Moderate casualties. SPHs are 1 day away from a firing position and Air cover is unable to take out all the Helos during the days engagement.

Days 6-12: Heavy Casualties were inflicted on both sides. My Tank Destroyers are wreaking havok among Green's SPH formations, and I maintain air superiority. However, my ranks are wearing thin and fresh troops are almost 2 days away. My Western front was also attacked by a Blue skirmish force consisting of 3 Attack Helos and an APC. This caused some heavy casualties among the Special Forces in the area as well as thinning out my AA capabilities to the West.

Days 13-17: Blue is pressing their skirmish forces to my Northwest and I fear I might lose the initiative on Green if I attempt to stop Blue so for now I will hope my AA units and SPAAG patrols will slow their prodding of my defenses. Green is losing ground slowly and reinforcements arrived just in time. I've managed to take a new Airfield and Factory from them and our Backfire Bombers are using Cruise Missles to slow Green's advance until I can make sufficient repairs.

Days 18-21: Our forces approach Green's Capitol with determination as we press ever closer. My estimate is roughly another 4 or 5 days of fighting at the worst. Yellow is harassing everyone and Blue continues to harrass my Western front. I have deployed 2 Strike Flankers to the area and manage to slow them down some.

Days 22-24: Successes against Blue continue to slow them down as I down 2 of their 3 Attack Helos and the lone Assault Helo that has been harrassing the Western front. Sadly, I lost several armor units and all my SPAAGs as well to their Scout Helos and another Attack helo. On the Northern front, Green is on their last legs as I close in for the final blow. The fighting is hellish and I continue to take heavy casualties from SPHs that I cannot quiet due to the large volume of them.

Day 25: I managed to take the Green Capitol amidst all the brutal fighting. My forces plan to re-arm and make repairs while my strike aircraft that are still largely intact will make their way to the Western front. Blue's attacks are growing more persistant and Yellow is threating to branch out and fight a 2 front war. When my repairs are complete, I think I will take the fighting to Yellow as their funds are the most depleted and they are embroiled in heavy combat with Blue's forces.

Days 26-30: My forces have re-armed and repaired. I've made several strikes against Yellow's scout forces and have hampered any attempts to move into the former Green territory that I now control. Blue has been run off save for a few scout planes that were quickly dispatched via my network of SAMs and Combat Air Patrols.

Days 30-47: Our Armored Columns push towards Yellow and get slaughtered in an unavoidable pincer attack. Even with a large amount of recon aircraft, we did not see the swarm of heavy armor reinforcing their front against Blue when we drove for Yellow's Capitol. However, heavy airpower saved our bacon and pummeled the Capitol and the surrounding area where our Infantry and IFVs could finish the job. Elsewhere, our round the clock airstrikes show no sign of slowing Blue's onslaught. With lack of a large armor column to punch through, we are going to attempt to insert Special Forces into the region in order to slow Blue's forces and to capture the Captiol.

Days 48-52: Our forces move swiftly, cutting into Blue's battle lines as we punch through to their Capitol. We ignore the force that are in our wake as we press on with almost reckless abandon. Our air superiority is beginning to wane as Blue begins to field high tech aircraft. Fortunately, our veteran pilots bombard the Capitol as our Bombers use Cruise Missles to finish off the remainder of the garrison. Special Forces swiftly took the Capitol seizing us the victory and total control of Fire Prarie.

After Action Report

We fielded around 96 Units, 21 Air and 75 Land. While our Air Forces lost only 4 units, our Army took a staggering 37 unit loss. However, we managed to destroy 476 Aircraft and 523 Land Units.

Overall, I believe we did well considering our circumstances. With only 1 airfield, we managed to have Air Superiority early on and maintained it for the 52 Day Campaign. I think our land assault could have faired much better had we taken a less aggressive movement choice, but we still did fairly well considering the ratio of Kills to Deaths in the field.


Well, that was alright in terms of trying to RP an AAR. I think the next one I'm going to try it again with this style, but write it with a more military approach, so it sounds like an actual commander in the field and not a generic story. Cool

"The Object is not to die for your country, but to make the other poor bastard die for his." - General Patton

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PostPosted: Nov Thu 10, 2005 6:40 am    Post subject: Reply with quote

SemperFi2382 wrote:
I thought I'd do my first AAR a little different with a little RPG-ish storytelling and see how it all turns out.

Map: Fire Prarie
Players: 1 Human, 3 Normal Computers
Alliances: None......

Turn 30+: (Standby)

Good one, SemperFi. I'm looking forward to reading the conclusion. Smile

Just wondering if it would be okay to post screen shots from the TV for key phases of the action in an AAR (or maybe images downloaded to a PC for better clarity). Or would that suck up too much bandwidth ? I guess we could at least write like Tom Clancy. Then again, it's probably better if we don't. Wink
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Joined: 22 Feb 2005
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PostPosted: Nov Tue 15, 2005 6:24 pm    Post subject: Sea vs. Air Reply with quote

Difficulty: LTC

BLUE: Germany (human)
RED: China (AI)

Starting Funds:
Blue: 1,000
Red: 10,000

AI Difficulty: Hard

I'm not sure what prompted me to select this Free Play scenario. Two things, I suppose it was the challenge of overcoming the initial disparity in funds, and also, I think it was the challenge seemingly promised by the title of a naval power against an air power. Wrong ! The map has no ports. And I, Germany, have no air bases close enough to my capital to build air units. Evil or Very Mad Red starts with two airbases. LOL, Kemco plays a cruel joke.

Oh, what a horrible handicap is the utter lack of air power ! Not just for the missing strike capability, but also the lack of transport and scouting capabilites. Now I know how these virtual German's predecessors felt during WW2, nary a Luftwaffe fighter in sight and Allied planes strafing and bombing at will. Oh, well. It's off to war regardless. Just build plenty of AA and hope for the best. Smile

The map is a large one, containing far-flung cities and facilities connected by a good road network. My initial strategy was to build many APC's and truck-mounted infantry and rush around capturing as many factories as possible, to even the odds a little. In this, Blue has been successful, with a 6 to 3 advantage in factories, including the key three hex factory complex at X=33/Y=10. All facilities are now captured. Red has more cities, but Blue's income advantage stands at 2750 to 1900.

My initial advances toward the Red capital and base complex have been battered by waves of Type 98 MBT's, supported by SP guns and savage swarms of Gazelle helicopters. Blue has conducted a fighting withdrawal, falling back to a defensive perimeter anchored on the on the key crossroads city and refinery of X=20/Y=30. Now at Turn 14, this battle has developed into a meat-grinder on a titanic scale, another Stalingrad. The once peaceful city of 20/30 and its environs have been churned into a cratered moonscape, riddled with smoking hulks, the air ripe with the scent of cordite and bloated bodies.

Red is pounding me, but I'm hanging on. I have built an interlocking network of Patriots and Hawks around the city. The omnipresent Gazelles and the occasion Jian Zhang-6 fighter pay heavily. Roaming fire brigades of Rolands drive around, finishing the cripples. But Blue has been punished heavily as well by these enemy air assaults. Red has also snuck an artillery force down behind the mountain range on Blue's left flank, raining shellfire into Blue's last stand. Blue desperately needs to send out a taskforce to deal with this new menace, as well as launch a relief column towards the factory complex at 33/10, anticipating the enemy's inevitable assault, now that Red's scouts have discovered the meager defensive force is just two infantry units, supported by a towed 155.

But there's no time to take the offensive, Blue is hanging on for dear life ! Yet the proximity of reinforcements from the Blue capital (7 hexes away from the battle area), and the fact that the Red dictator's ministers have squandered their 10,000 war chest auger well for ultimate Blue victory. I have been trading smashed Rolands for destroyed Type 98's, surely Red can't keep up this intense pressure for much longer. Or can he ?

To sum up, thank goodness for the stalwart fighting power of the Leopard 2A6. Cool Without it, the commies would be rolling through the streets of my capital by now.
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PostPosted: Nov Mon 28, 2005 5:01 pm    Post subject: Reply with quote

Okay, here goes version 2.0 of my role playing style writing AAR. This one is done from the perspective of an allied commander from his perspective on the battlefield.

Map: Blue Bridge
Players: 1 Human, 3 Normal AI
Alliances: Red and Blue (Allies) vs Green and Yellow (OpFor)

Blue: United States Marine Corps (Human)
Red: United Kingdom (AI)
Green: China (AI)
Yellow: China (AI)

NOTE: For this battle, each party received a 30K bonus to default funds and no additional fuel.

Scale: 1 Hex = 20 Sq. Mile (Purely made up for the sake of the RP)
Time: 1 Turn = 1 Day (Again, made up for the sake of the RP)


3 days ago, the OpFor Nations invaded the province of Blue Bridge, a province of the Blue Nation. This critical area is rich with port facilities and oil refineries. Our allies, Red Nation has come to our aid to secure the area and drive the OpFor Nations from Blue's soil.

Strategic Planning Phase

It has been decided that the Blue Nation will engage in Amphibious Operations using our elite Marine Expeditionary Forces as our frontline forces and with the assistance of the Navy and Air Force, we will move swiftly to engage Yellow Nation in the southwest, while Red Nation will operate independantly against the Green Nation to the southeast.

Blue Nation will begin our assault by preparing for a massive amphibous assault near grid coordinates X=21, Y=42. With the landing complete, we will move to capture the nearby port facilities and city, so that we can offload additional troops and equipment. In addition to our main landing, we will also be moving to X=30, Y=42 to capture the large port facility there so that we can offer our supply and support units to offload at a safer locale.

Should we encounter heavier resistance than anticipated, or we take heavy casualties, we will immediately switch our main landing location to the secondary and make haste to hold the line while reinforcements are enroute.

NOTE: Facilities will have names like City 4303, the first 2 digits are X and the second 2 is Y. So City 4303 is as X=43, Y=3. This is done so that you can follow along somewhat in the battle. Wink

Combat Phase

Week 1 - Day 1: We began assembling our landing forces. So far, we have 2 Harriers, 3 M1A2s, 1 Wasp Class Assault Carrier, 1 Supply Truck, 1 LAV-25 and 1 LAV-AD.

Week 1 - Day 2: Our forces are continuing to buildup as we now have a San Antonio Class Landing Ship, an additional Harrier, a V-22 Osprey, 2 units of Force Recon (Spec Ops), 3 M1A2s, and an additional LAV-25. We sent out some of our LAVs to scout out a nearby airfield and city, we will know the details in 12 hours.

Week 1 - Day 3: We mustered 1 F/A-18D(RC), 1 AH-1W Super Cobra, 2 Recon HMMWVs, 3 towed 155mm Howitzers and 1 LAV-AD. Our scout LAVs reached their destinations and we will secure City 2703 in a few hours. The LAV-AD reached Airfield 3417 and will hold that position until we get some Marines there to secure the facility.

At this point, Red Nation is sending out attack helos to harass the enemy and they are moving large armor columns down a the narrow land bridge that leads to the Yellow Nation's HQ. We wish them luck as it's a long and dangerous trek through tough terrain and what we expect to be fierce resistance.

Week 1 - Day 4: As we approach our intended force strength, we added 6 M1A2s, 1 AH-1W Super Cobra, 1 F/A-18E Super Hornet and a second San Antonio Class Landing Ship. We secured City 2703 with a LAV-25 and secured Airfield 3417 and the neighboring City 3418.

Red Nation has entered Green Nation's airspace with 2 Gazelles. We wish them happy hunting.

Week 1 - Day 5: We added 1 Nimitz Class Carrier, 2 F/A-18Es, 4 Patriot Missle Batteries and 2 Supply Trucks. Tomorrow, we will have secured City 0710.

Red Nation added another Gazelle and a AH Mk1 to their current hunting party, but they have not yet located any of Green Nation's units. We hope to get word of enemy forces and their strengths soon as we will be preparing to set sail against the enemy within 2 days.

Week 1 - Day 6: We acquired 1 Transport Ship, 1 F/A-18E and 1 EA-6B Prowler. We setup several of the Patriot Batteries in our Blue Nation's HQ and Cities 2420, 1612 and will set one up in City 3418. We secured City 0710 with an LAV-25. Elsewhere, our F/A-18D(RC) engaged the lead Gazelle from Yellow Nation at X=22, Y=23. They sustained light casualties and I fear that they will quickly overwhelm the newly installed Patriot Battery in City 2420 before they can fire off any missles. We will scramble our fighters ASAP and hope that we can deal with the threat quickly before we lose our initiative.

Week 1 - Day 7: 1 S-3B Viking and 1 E-2C Hawkeye arrived today. We engaged the Yellow Nation's Gazelles and discovered that there were 3 total moving about the area in addition to a Green Nation Gazelle at X=26, Y=22. Our Patriot Missle Battery at City 2420, a F/A-18D(RC) and a LAV-AD engaged and destroyed a Yellow Nation Gazelle at Airfield 2321. 4 F/A-18E Squadrons engaged and destroyed a second Yellow Nation Gazelle at City 2420. In order to hinder the enemy forces, the EA-6B Jammed the remaining 2 Gazelles until we can deal with them.

Red Nation has located a Green Nation Mi-17 at X=37, Y=28. This is at the spearhead of their massive armor column. Elsewhere, they have begun attacking Green Nation's HQ area with their Gazelle's. They now have a total of 4 Gazelles, 1 AH Mk1 and 1 Jaguar GR3 in the area. I doubt that they will do much to hinder Green Nation, but this is only the first day that actual combat has begun.

Week 1 - Overview: So we have not taken many casualties and are on schedule with our fleet moving towards our intended landing site. Several attack helos invaded our airspace late in the week and we have taken some of them down with the rest in our sights.

Our allies, the Red Nation is harassing the enemy while slowly moving up a heavy armor column to engage joint strike forces of Green and Yellow Nation.

Week 2 - Day 1: We completed our force list with 1 F/A18D(RC). Our Patriot Missle Battery at City 2420 and an LAV-AD at City 2620 engaged and destroyed a Yellow Nation Gazelle at X=25, Y=22. We located a Yellow Q-5 Fantan at X=19, Y=26. However, it is low on fuel and we now are jamming it's frequencies so it is also blind and we expect the plane to crash from low fuel soon. We lost City 1335 to Yellow and we suspect we might lose Port 1434 soon as well. I have decided that we can secure City 0114 within 2 days and so I am sending a LAV-25 to pursue that objective.

The Patriot Battery on City 3418 began firing at a Green Gazelle to support Red as they are now under attack from a few of Green Nation's Gazelles. They are also reporting that City 4022 might fall if they cannot hold of a Mi-17 Assault Helo. In the Green Nation's HQ area, Red is taking heavy losses, having lost 2 Gazelles already in combat.

Week 2 - Day 2: We are losing more cities to Yellow Nation's persistant use of Assault Helos now. City 2231 will fall to a Z-9, City 1425 is under threat and Airfield 1526 is also at risk. Although from Airfield 1526, a lone F/A-18D(RC) is trying to fend off a Z-9 and Mi-17, but I know they will not last with their current ammo supply. At X=29, Y=26 we engaged and destroyed a lone Yellow Gazelle that foolishly attacked the Wasp. However, this now means that they have spotted our fleet and this could pose a serious threat to our landing if we are not careful. We are moving the Patriot Missle Batteries from Cities 2420 and 1612 to a more forward location in and attempt to slow down the air attacks.

Week 2 - Day 3: We secured City 0114, but lost City 2231 and will lose Cities 1425 and 1320. A Yellow J-11 Flanker drove our F/A-18D(RC) off and so we continued to Jam the area with our EA-6B, but I know that this effort is in vain. The re-allocated Patriot Missle Batteries are now setup in City 2524 and 1215.

Red Nation's armor columns engaged Green Attack and Assault Helos and met the first elements of a Yellow armor column at X=35, Y=37, which is just a stone's throw from our secondary landing site. The airspace in the section around City 3530 is crowded the fighting is getting fierce. I just hope that my forces can land and punch our way through to Yellow Nation's HQ.

Week 2 - Day 4: A Patriot Missle Battery in City 2524 downed a Yellow Nation JZ-8 Recon Plane at X=24, Y=31. A large air battle took place where we splashed 2 Yellow Gazelles at X=29, Y=31 and X=31, Y=33. We will lose City 1825 tomorrow, but will retake City 2231. Our LAV-25 was surprised at City 0123 by a Type 88 IFV. This spells disaster as that now means they have close the gap in the neutral territories that existed between us and Yellow Nation's invasion force.

Red Nation has spotted our secondary landing area and we are displeased to see that there is a large concentration of Yellow SPHs and armor. While they seem to be on the move, this means that we will in fact be facing heavy combat upon our arrival in just over 3 days.

Week 2 - Day 5: Upon further recon, we have discovered that by the time we arrive at the secondary landing site, much of the opposition should be meeting Red Nation's land forces, which will put Yellow at a disadvantage when they try to defend their HQ when we land at the primary location, which is an extra day away from the secondary site where they are currently located. So, we will continue to slink our fleet along the coast to avoid detection as best we can. Elsewhere, Airfield 1219 will fall and City 1118 will be overrun as well. Our LAV-25 force were again surprised by another IFV, this time at city 0325.

Red Nation is pushing hard, and managed to take several of Green Nation's facilities. They took City 5232, 3530 and 4938, while they also secured Airfield 5238. Additionally, they overran Port 3634.

Week 2 - Day 6: We are about 2 days away from our landing site. It's going to be a soft one from what our recon elements are showing. I started to initiate aggressive Jamming to mask our forces from the local Yellow Air Force. City 0114 will fall before the end of next week if Yellow Nation has their way. I will allow this only because I do not want to gain Yellow Nation's attention while I get ready to put my Marines on their coast.

No significant activities resulted today from Red Nation's combat operations.

Week 2 - Day 7: We lost our EA-6B at X=28, Y=39 to several air attacks from J-8Bs and J-11s. Our Patriot Missle Battery at City 1215 engaged a Yellow JZ-6 at X=09, Y=19. We will lost City 0710 soon, but reclaim Airfield 1219 tomorrow with a LAV-25. Tomorrow is the day we will land at our primary beach head. I just hope this wasn't in vain.

No significant activities resulted today from Red Nation's combat operations. I just hope they can hold Yellow Nation's attention long enough so we can land quickly and without too many losses.

Week 2 - Overview: So far, we can't complain. Having lost 1 unit in the course of 2 weeks is astounding. Admittedly, we aren't doing as much fighting yet, but the start of Week 3 will change all that. My troops are ready to fight and I think it's about time I let the Dogs of War off the leash.

Week 3 - Day 1: I requsitioned an AH-1W Super Cobra today. We killed a Z-9 at City 2026 with a LAV-25 and LAV-AD. That front is collapsing quickly and I fear I might have made a mistake. We made our Amphibious Landing on 3 beaches (2242, 2142 and 2041) with little casualties. We really took Yellow Nation by surprise here and I think we have a good chance of punching our way to their HQ within a week. Our heavier support is 2 days away and I hope that I won't need them before then.

Week 3 - Day 2: I lost a S-3B to a Yellow Hangzhou Destroyer at X=26, Y=37. I have decided to replace that unit with another AH-1W Super Cobra. I'm concerned about the well being of my landing forces. Resistance got much thicker and with that Destroyer hanging about, my Nimitz is under threat and I might lose significant air coverage if that Carrier goes down.

Week 3 - Day 2: All hell has broken loose. Heavy combat is all over the beach heads and I'm not sure how much more these Marines can take without significant reinforcements. However, tomorrow more Marines will be offloaded at Port 1944. While it is still under the flag of Yellow Nation, I control the area around it and I will be able to offload the Marines without too much trouble.

Week 3 - Day 2: Standby.
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PostPosted: Nov Mon 28, 2005 5:04 pm    Post subject: Reply with quote

Feck....that long AAR is me. Mad

I guess it logged me out. Look forward to the conclusion tomorrow! Cool

"The Object is not to die for your country, but to make the other poor bastard die for his." - General Patton
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PostPosted: Dec Thu 01, 2005 11:26 am    Post subject: Reply with quote

Week 3 - Day 4: I requisitioned 2 AV-8B Harriers to make up for the losses we have been taking during the landing from air attacks. The fighting has intensified and my Harriers currently on station in the landing sites are taking heavy attacks from Yellow Nation's Interceptors. I am deciding against pulling them back for refits and rearming today along with a small portion of my F/A-18Es that are low on ammunition. If I did, the landing will have to go without air support for the rest of the day and that is unacceptable. Meanwhile, our reinforcements arrived today in the form of 6 M1A2s and 2 Supply Trucks that were were offloaded at the contested Port 1944. Force Recon secured City 2047 will no casualties. This means that we now have a full strike force on the beaches and at 1 resupply point that is land based. I have allocated the fresh Marines to hold our rear flank and to stave off any Yellow units fleeing the Red Nation's advancing armor column.

Back on the HQ front, we are still playing games with Yellow Nation as we take cities that they are capturing, only to lose them a few days later. With additional AH-1Ws in the area, I hope to purge Yellow from our immediate borders.

Week 3 - Day 5: Severe fighting took place at the landing site today. However, it seems we are going to hold the beaches and for now that is all that matters. With our allies only a few days away from reaching our position, we will hold here and wait for their forces to arrive. Recon shows lack of any of Yellow Nation's troops near our immediate border, which we will use that initiative to reclaim as much ground as possible. With sparce resistance at the beachhead, we can only wonder where exactly the Yellow Nation's forces could be. I doubt that we have knocked them down that badly, but considering that Yellow Nation has taken attacks from 2 armies at once and their reinforcements being held up near their HQ, it could be quite possible that they are losing units faster than they can procure them. Green Nation however, is still at full strength from Recon information we are receiving from our allies.

Week 3 - Day 6: We continue to reclaim Cites on our borders. Within the next few days, we should have secured all our original Cities and a few additional ones. Made some refits and repairs and have begun digging in to hold back land forces from our enemies. Several of their attack planes were lost from lack of fuel and F/A-18Es on Combat Air Patrols over the beaches airspace.

Week 3 - Day 7: Our allies have arrived at the location where my Marines landed today. They arrived about the same time that Green Nation did at Bridge 2249. We have 3 M198 155mm Towed Howitzers deployed there and those batteries opened fire on the bridgehead. As long as no enemy artillery gets into range, I can hold them off with artillery and counter attacks from our MBTs. We established air superiority and for the moment neither enemy nation has attempted to challenge that. Tomorrow, we will secure City 1447 and have a second City to make repairs and replenishments from.

Week 3 - Overview: The landing was successful and we are now holding our ground so that we can perform a joint attack on Yellow Nation. This operation looks like it will be a huge success, despite a rough start.

Week 4 - Day 1: Made more refits and repairs while holding back the enemy advances. Our allies are now pressing past our lines and spearheading the assault against Green Nation at Bridge 2249.

Week 4 - Day 2: We secured Cities 1146 and 2231. Meanwhile, I have given the order for a large bulk of our M1A2s at the beaches to move out and begin our attack on Yellow Nation's HQ. Resistance is light, but it seems it's because they are takinf heavy losses from our allies and are attempting to flank us. However, they will be unsuccessful with our current rate of advance. Green Nation might be a different story though.

Week 4 - Day 3: We captured City 1657 and Airfield 0847 today. We are so close to Yellow Nation's HQ that I can smell victory at hand. The last few miles of fighting are going to be brutal, but with a strong air cover and fresh MBTs rolling into the fray, Yellow Nation should no longer be a threat by the week's end.

Week 4 - Day 4: The fighting was intense, but by the day's end, we controlled Yellow Nation's HQ. We will now turn our attention to Green Nation. With all of Yellow Nation's former facilities under our control, it has come to our attention that we will lose Cities 2260, 2757 and 2858 to Green Nation. We will also lose Airfields 2958 and 2756, along with Port 2857 due to their proximity to the enemy when we took control of them.

Week 4 - Day 5: (Standby)

"The Object is not to die for your country, but to make the other poor bastard die for his." - General Patton
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PostPosted: Jan Tue 17, 2006 3:32 pm    Post subject: AAR For Glacial Moriaine Map Reply with quote

This AAR is proof that you can win with the French, which is Blue Army. I follow the advice and emmidiately go after Green Army, which is Japan. I will break this down into Purchases, Movement, Combat, and Post-Combat Movement.

Purchase (Turn 1) 1- Helo with Capturing Ability ( I forget the name, but it has no weaponry)
1- Recon Vehicle (The one with the cannon)
3-Leclerc MBTs
1-Roland SPSAM.

Movement - Helo goes to capture city northeast of capitol, ground units take lower fork in the road towards Green's territory.

Combat - NONE

Post Combat - NONE


Purchase- SAME AS TURN ONE EXCEPT 2-Leclercs and 3- AU-F2 Mobile Artillary units.

Movement - 2nd helo goes to capture nearest city near the bottom of the map. It is located in front and below a ridgeline. The first wave of ground units heads in the direction of nearest city. The artillary is headed towards the territory behind the ridgeline. The ridgeline is defined by peak and mountain hexes.

Combat- One MBT and one RCV recon unit are detected.

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PostPosted: Jan Wed 18, 2006 3:32 pm    Post subject: Glacial Moraine Contd... Reply with quote

Let me first backtrack, I didn't see any Japan units until turn four.


PURCHASE - 1 - Tiger attack helo, 2 - Leclerc MBTs, 2 - AuF2s, 1- Roland SPSAM 1-recon tank (AUX?)

MOVEMENT - The tanks and SPSAMS manuever down the road towards the nearest uncaptured city near the bottom. The AU-F2s are continually atged on the ridge located between both upper and lower roads that forked from each other. I located an equal number of Roland SAMS with the artillary as with the tanks.



PURCHASE - 1- Tiger attack helo, 2- Leclerc MBTs, 2-AU-F2s, 1-Roland, 1- recon tank (AUX?)

MOVEMENT - AUX recon advances up towards where the two forked roads reconverge. One Japan MBT and one RCV is spotted.

COMBAT - One AU-F2 I send to move and shoot at the tank instead of going behind the ridge. It takes out 2/10 subunits from the tank. Three AU-F2s behind the ridge fire resulting in 3/10 left of the MBT. One Leclerc swings around the rear of the MBT for a shot. The Japan MBT is eliminated. One other Leclerc attacks the RCV leaving 4/10 subunits left.

GREEN'S COUNTERATTACK - (to be continued...)
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PostPosted: Jan Wed 18, 2006 4:12 pm    Post subject: Reply with quote

sorry to ask but...which map?
and it wasn't just the romance of it all
that gives me what I get
but something back there nameless -Bukowski
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PostPosted: Jan Thu 19, 2006 1:14 pm    Post subject: Reply with quote

Post subject: AAR For Glacial Moriaine Map

Yes, this is Glacial Moriane Map, Major Level. I put it in the subject field, but that's okay. I'll continue, time provided.
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Okay, Glacial Moriane Contd....


GREEN'S COUNTER ATTACK: The two Leclerc MBTs and the AUX were pounded by the Japan Mobile Artillary SPHs. The damage from this barrage resultd in 6/10, 7/10 for the MBTs and 5/10 for the AUXs. Green sent in two MBTs, they looped around and underneath the Leclercs for flank and rear shots. The Leclercs were reduced to 4/10 and 6/10. The AUX was unmolested. Green brought up another RCV recon and it had three SPHs, upon move and firign were within detection range and firing rnage of my helos.


PURCHASE: Time to tighten the belt-buckle and cut spending on social programs and kick-backs for multi-nationals (we also stopped subsidizing federally funded art). Money is tight, so we must buy cheap or fewer. here goes: 1- Gazelle attack helo, 1- humvee recon, 3- tank destroyers with 1-range TOW missles.

MOVEMENT: same old same old

COMBAT: If those two Leclercs and the AUX are to level up, a path needs to be cut through Green Army's tanks so they can escape or combine with other units. The AU-F2s on the ridge target the two MBTs. One is reduced to 4/10, the other is reduced to 6/10. My second wave of purchased units included a Leclerc which fired a rear shot on the 6/10 MBT to wipe it off the board. My two Tiger helos attacked two SPHs two reduced them to 3/10 and 6/10.

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TURN FOUR COMBAT CONTD: The AU-F2 sent in the previous turn to move and shoot from the bottom was attacked by a AH-1s Cobra attack helo. He was reduced to 5/10. He was out in the open. easily visible: easy pickings.


PURCHASE:1-Gazelle attack helo, 2- supply transports

MOVEMENT:Sent the tank destroyers to the battkle via the route the Leclercs took. Sent two Leclerc MBts to reinforce the bottom near the city, two over mountains, behind the AU-F2s. These tanks ended up supporting the airfield closeby. One capturing helo went to this airfield. The other went to that nearest city at the bottom I keep mentioning.

ENEMY/GREEN MOVEMENT: Green withdrew it's damaged SPhs, reinforced with three fresh SPHs, two SPAAG anti-air guns, and two MBTs.

*REASONS*: Blue needs that city. It is a base for replenishment for shot up units and supply transports. Now, I can risk units to fire and enable them to live long enough to level up. The airfield is closeby for quick resupply turnaround for my attack helos. Also, if Green wants to concentrate fire on my capture helos, they expose themselves to retaliatory fire from Blue's full-strnegth units that were not engaged. I reason that if I put both capture helos on the board, Green will destroy one but likely not both.

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Been a long time since I've played this, ever since I got my PS2 for Christimas along with 9 games, but I felt the need for some strategy again. Mister Toad's fun with Sea vs. Air prompted me to try this one out, which I never have before.

Sea vs. Air, Hard setting.

Player: Blue (Germany)
Enemy: Red (China)
Map Settings: Default

Pre-Operations analysis: Before commencing battle I analyzed the different aspects of the situation before committing forces.

German disadvantages: Low initial funds, few territories, no production capable airports, no sea ports.

German advantages: Superior ground weapons, excellent AA weapons, clear routes of advance and easily defendable rear territory.

Chinese disadvantages: Primitive ground weapons systems, disadvantageous base position, lower access to high resource production centers.

Chinese advantages: Two production capable airports - the only ones in the scenario - and thus complete and total command of the air.

Terrain Analysis: The routes of advance for the German forces were three fold - one lead along the road to the west of the Chinese base, the second led around the swamps, groves, and mountain range that shielded the Chinese HQ, and another path lead around the far eastern side of the Chinese HQ. Pre-Op intel lead me to believe the primary Chinese route of attack would occur along the second route with a secondary attack along the first.

Operations plan: Initially German forces would need to focus on capturing nearby production points, and for this purpose three carrier trucks and three squadrons of infantry were planned for deployment.

Phase 1 (Days 1-6): Capture units succeed in capturing the western factory, northern cities, and tri-factory complex area in the far north. During this time an armored column was organized for the planned eastern attack along Route 2. 3 Leopard 2A6, 3 Leopard 2, 3 Pzh 2000, 4 Roland SPSAM, 2 Supply trucks, 1 Fennek recon vehicle, and 1 Patriot missile battery were gathered for this purpose.

Phase 2 (Days 7-14): As the initial column moved to attack at the crossroads town south of the turn in the main road, enemy armor and attack helicopter units were encountered and engaged. A second column was in development as the fighting became very heavy as of day 10, and the effort of constructing a second column became an effort to reinforce the primary column. In Phase 2 7 total units were destroyed (Rolands and Leopard 2s specifically), but heavy battle damage was inflicted on the enemy, with no less than a dozen Type 98s, half a dozen Plz-45s, and another half dozen Gazelle helicopters were destroyed.

Phase 3 (Days 15-21): Production stabilized and soon more experienced units were introduced into the fighting, to bolster flagging green units already in the field (3 Leopard 2A6 Veterans B-S class and 3 PzH 2000 Veterans A-S class redeployed). Most of the Leopard 2s deployed in the early fighting had been lost - of seven columns of Leopard 2s produced only 1 would survive the fighting. The Leopard 2A6s fared much better, with only three columns succumbing to enemy fire. Two additional Patriot batteries were produced and deployed, with one lost to enemy SPH fire. Many Roland units were lost, including several understrength columns that had to join during fighting.

By day 21 the perimeter was well established, although stop gap measures had to be taken to stop enemy Hip-17 units from capturing Blue forces northern territories. Red's offensives failed to break the German lines, and were even lured into a trap when Column 1 made a 5 step withdrawl, in the absence of recon units which were lost in the fighting. The Chinese advanced forward but were pounded into the dust by concentrated PzH, Leopard, Roland, MLRS, and Patriot fire. During these battles several German units were badly damaged, with one Leopard 2A6 column succumbing to battle damage. 7 Type 98s, 9 Plz-45s, 1 SPMLR, 2 supply trucks, 5 Gazelles, 2 Hip-17s, 2 Qiang-Fantan attack planes, and one JZ-6 scout jet were lost in the fighting.

Further south and west the second Column engaged a smaller collection of Chinese forces, diverting attention from the main thrust on Route 2.

Phase 4 (Days 22-29): By Day 24 it was clear the Chinese forces could no longer maintain offensive operations and the battle shifted from open-field boxing to a full defensive operation on the Chinese force's part. Blue forces never lost the offensive momentum in the battle, which was clearly needed for victory since any significant delay would allow the Chinese to regroup. The battles along Route 1 caused the complete collapse of the Chinese defenses, leading to the capture of the two factories and cities along the route. A tiny Route 3 force was deployed from the far north - consisting of a truck group with attached Infantry - and sent to capture the cities and lone factory to the Red HQ's east. By Day 25 it was clear that a 'Hammer-and-Anvil' tactic could be deployed, and the Route 2 Force became the anvil, since it was the largest of the two Columns and attracting the most attention from the Chinese. Continual air assault harrassed Blue forces but no more German losses were accrued on the whole Unit level, and the Route 1 hammer successfully bashed its way through to within 5 hexes of Red HQ, forced along by 4 Leopard 2A6 units (B-S class), 3 PzH 2000 units (B-S class), 1 Marder A-3 group, 1 supply truck, 1 Roland SPSAM, and 1 truck w/infantry. Route 2 Force also commenced heavy attacks and forced their way to the northern border of Red HQ by Day 27. All Red HQ defense elements were destroyed by Day 28, and the infantry group attached to Route 1 Force entered the HQ complex, capturing the Chinese leadership and ending the conflict.

Battle Damage Summary:

German Casualties: 73 units produced, 17 whole units lost, 463 sub units destroyed.

Chinese Casualties: 1,452 sub units lost.

Rank: A -

Over all summary: The battle was bloody and fierce, and the total lack of air cover for the German forces was a significant disadvantage, but proper countermeasures were taken to deal with the enemy threat, and the only ground attack air units deployed by the Chinese were Gazelle helicopters with low-grade HOT missiles, and Qiang-Fantan attack jets with low-powered 500lb. bombs. The lack of Chinese recon units outside of the JZ-6 overflights also limited Chinese advancement, as well as the inability of their SPHs to fire on the move. These disadvantages were exploited by Blue Army to allow for continued rapid advance with lengthy periods of static fighting, which would allow the initiative to fall into the hands of Red army.

Continued advancement and excellent field resupply allowed Blue army to continue the advance without yielding for more than 4 days of static fighting. [/b]
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Economic Superpower

Blue: US vs. Red: Russia, me + Green: China vs. Yellow: Israel

Blue messed up in this battle: they built an assault ship on their port, a transport chopper on their airport, and an Anti-Air gun on their capitol and deployed it there, so they didn't make anything else, because their transports were waiting to be loaded and their AA was defending their HQ. So it was basically a 2 on 1, although if blue lost units, they might make units that would actually do something, so the assault on blue capitol took a little caution.

I sent 2 M-17 Hip H choppers to capture all the random eastern cities, and I built a small naval force, which divided between the South/SW blue capitol area, and the NW area near Yellow's capitol. I sent transport planes and captured the whole big island in the middle. In the end, the middle island had one Tank Destroyer, 2 T-80s, 1 SPH, and about 5 infantry and a special forces. I had an airline basically going at one point, with 2 transporter planes making back and forth deliveries.

Early on, yellow put up no resistance, but towards the end, they sent multiple Yanshufs and Tzefa's at me, which my infantry and ships destroyed. Finally, it was time for the assault on the Yellow base. I covered Green with a Backfire bomber and a Slava cruiser, + a frigate later on as they landed forces on the home island via a Yuting assault ship. In the end, I only lost 1 unit, 1 of the M-17 Hip H choppers which went too close to blue and got a mouthful of AA. End rank: S
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