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Rogue Ops Walkthrough

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PostPosted: Mar Wed 30, 2005 10:26 am    Post subject: Rogue Ops Walkthrough Reply with quote

• Well-aimed shots help reduce the risk of alerts and help conserve ammo.
• Mines placed near doorways make deadly traps for unwary guards.
• Some guards are easily distracted; look around for items or objects you can interact with.
• Use the shadows to your advantage. Avoid patrolling guards, hide from security cameras, and gain advantageous attack positions.
• Use your VISER glasses to find hidden wires and switches.
• Attempt to engage your enemies one at a time. Create a diversion to draw an enemy away from other guards.
• Shurikens can be recovered and used again.
• The Fly Cam fits through small openings, can damage electronic devices, and is a valuable reconnaissance tool.
• Always search fallen enemies for ammo and equipment.
• Even a failed attack has a chance for recovery. Finish off an opponent before he can call for reinforcements.
• An enemy is most vulnerable on stairwells where even a glancing blow can cause him to lose his balance and tumble down the stairs.
• Search the ceilings for well-hidden vents.
• The chain gun will overheat if used too long.
• Enemies won't hear you approaching if you tiptoe.
• A full-power stealth attack has the easiest button sequence but little room for errors.
• Passwords and codes you collect can be found on your Objectives screen.
• If you are blinded by bright lights, try shooting them out.
• Gun turrets without cameras won't notice you if you don't shoot at them.
• Search drawers and file cabinets - you can often pick up helpful items.
• Some security cameras can be disabled, and others must be avoided.
• Wherever there's a door or secured area that requires keycard access, there's bound to be a guard or drawer somewhere nearby holding the correct card.
• Try shooting red barrels - you might get explosive results!
• You can see different stealth attack moves depending on how much power you use in your attack.
• Use the camera to look around; you might see something important to help you make progress if you are stuck.
• Rolling is a good way to avoid gun shots.
• Sight is not the only way guards are alerted, they can hear as well.
1. Look at the red Xs in this order: left, ceiling, right, floor. Door will open.
2. Climb ladder.
3. Look at the ledge until the green Action Icon appears. Jump up to the ledge.
4. Climb or jump down, and duck under the large pipes.
5. At the narrow alleyway, face the wall to the left of the black and yellow 'Assessment Zone' sign and tap up on the left analog controller. Nikki should place her back against the wall. Press left of the left analog controller to move Nikki though the narrow alleyway.
6. Grab and push the crate out of your way.
7. Climb the drainpipe and jump off the roof.
8. In the warehouse, look for the Grapple Point (glowing light). Climb the wall via the rope.
9. Enter the opening on the left, and climb the ladder. Stand on the green floor light, and look up at the beam above you. Jump up and grab it, and climb all the way to the right. Tap down on the left analog stick, and Nikki will fall down and grab a small ledge under her. Push up on the left analog stick to enter the air vent, and go through it.
10. Drop down to the street, and press the red switch next to the door. Enter the door. [END of Training Mission 1]
1. Enter the room with red carpet, and search the file cabinet on the left side. You will find a blue keycard. Use it to open the locked door in the room.
2. In the next room, use your VISER glasses to see the hidden wire. Stand in front of the picture of the ship. Press the button that is revealed, and exit the room.
3. In the security camera room, follow the wall to the right, and stay against the back wall. Next to your map display, a meter will appear when you enter an area with shadows. Once the meter reaches the bottom, you are hidden in the shadows. Walk very slowly (or duckwalk - walking while crouched) across the back wall to avoid being seen by the camera. Exit the room.
4. You will now have a pistol in your inventory (bottom left of the screen). Use it to destroy the 2 security cameras in the corridor, and exit.
5. In the casino room, you need to find a good hiding place. You can hang on the ceiling next to the door on the left, or hide in the locker in the storage area. Once the guard gives the 'all clear' message, you can leave.
6. To pass the next test, you must sneak up on the guard and eliminate him with a hand-to-hand combat move. Pick up and place his body in a locker, and then hide in the other one. When the next guard comes into the room and gives the 'all clear' message, you are free to exit. [END of Training Mission 2]
1. Eliminate the first guard.
2. Go behind the car, and place a bomb on the trunk.
3. In the next courtyard, enter the door on the left. Go down the stairs.
4. Look the pillar and jump to the small ledge that protrudes from it. Climb to the far side of the pillar, and drop down on the other side of the fan laser. (If you found the Blue Keycard, use it on the card reader at the top of the stairs. This will turn off the security laser protecting the stairs.)
5. On the left side, there's a metal railing with moving hooks suspended from the ceiling. Jump up and grab it, and climb to the far end. Drop down.
6. Repeat #5 on the second railing. Don't climb all the way to the end or you'll land on a security laser. Look down to find a safe landing space. (If you found the Red Keycard, you can use it to turn off the two security lasers in the main basement).
7. In front of the room with the hanging bodies, use any ranged weapon to drop the bodies to the floor, one at a time (target the chains holding them up). Once all three are down, you can cross the room on the left side and enter the alcove.
8. Place the second bomb between the two power units.
9. Turn off the switch on the right wall. This will deactivate any security lasers that are still on. Head back upstairs.
10. Back in the courtyard, look for a drainpipe that goes up to the upper walkway. Climb to the top and get on the walkway. Go around to the far side overlooking a new courtyard (you'll see a guard standing near a tree under a light).
11. Eliminate the guards, and enter the kitchen area. In the far corner, you'll find a vertical air vent - that's where you place your third bomb. You now have 2 minutes to find Van Cleef.
12. Run down the hallway into the pool table room. Press the red switch to open the door, and enter the courtyard again. Climb up the drainpipe, go around the walkway, drop down onto the trellis, and walk across it to the balcony where Van Cleef is hiding.
13. Van Cleef will run, and you must fight his personal bodyguard. Defeat the bodyguard (DO NOT shoot Van Cleef), run downstairs, into the courtyard, and back down into the basement. Head through the secret passage that has opened up behind the large barrels on the right side of the room. [END of La Casa Negra 1]
1. Follow the corridor and duck under the rubble until you spot Van Cleef (again, DO NOT shoot him). He will flee, and then you can resume chasing him. Go around until you encounter a guard. Eliminate him, and carry him back to the pressure plate in the hallway (where a medical kit was positioned). Place the guard on the plate, and that will open a secret passage to the left of the stairs you were just at. Use the VISER glasses and look at the floor if you cannot locate it.
2. Go through the secret passage, and into the room where three doors close when you enter it. Pull the lever on the right side, enter the door that opens, pull the lever just inside that door, and then enter the third door, once again pulling the lever you find there. This opens the door that was next to the first lever.
3. Enter the hallway, and avoid Van Cleef when he tries to ambush you. DO NOT shoot him! He'll lay some mines and run away.
4. Follow him through the sewers, destroying or avoiding mines, and eliminating or avoiding the guards.
5. Van Cleef will stop one more time and attempt to ambush you, so leave him alone until he runs off. Follow him, again looking out for the mines he places. At the end of the sewers, pull the switch to open the door. Go straight ahead and enter the door on the left. Now you must fight Van Cleef!
6. BOSS BATTLE - Van Cleef hides in the rafters of this warehouse, and shoots at you when he has a clean line of sight. He moves around, so don't stay in one place too long. Attack him with whatever ranged weapons you prefer. If you are having a hard time spotting him, shoot out the 4 extra-bright lights hanging from the ceiling. Once he is eliminated, go over to his body and pick up the book lying next to him. Grab the rope the helicopter lowers to you through the glass to make your escape. [END of La Casa Negra 2]
1. DO NOT attack the museum guards, and DO NOT let them spot you - your mission will end automatically if this happens.
2. Go down the walkway to the left, and look up at the ceiling. You should see a grapple point, so go ahead and use your rope. Climb down and follow the guard who walks under the walkway you just came from.
3. Follow him, and pick his pocket to get the Green Keycard. Use it to open up the door to the Security Room that's in the alcove next to the T-Rex (again, under the walkway that you started out on).
4. In the Security Room, search the file cabinet to find the passcode (1069). Exit the room and head across the museum floor to the other Security Room. Punch in the passcode on the keypad and enter the door.
5. Enter the door at the bottom of the stairs, and search the file cabinet to find the Taser. Leave this room and go downstairs into the power room.
6. Use the Taser on the gray box marked 'Power Unit' and short it out. Leave here and head back upstairs into the museum proper.
7. Follow the right wall when you exit the Security Room and go through the doorway that used to be laser trapped. Press the red button on the pillar. [END of Museum 1]
1. Use the Retina Scanner to capture a scan of the patrolling guard's eye. Use the lock on the pole on the right side of the room to open the gate.
2. Go through the room on the left side to avoid the guard, and don't get caught by the security cameras. Exit the room.
3. In the statue room, look up and find the grapple point. Climb up and enter the air vent. Crawl through and drop down.
4. Follow the hallway to the left, and enter the Loading Bay. Follow the right wall, press the red button, and enter the crawlspace.
5. In the darkened room, press the red button to turn on the lights. Head back through the crawlspace, into the hallway, and enter the control room that the guard just left (to investigate why the light came on in the room you just exited). Press the red button and exit the room.
6. Head to the Toilets room, and pick the pocket of the guard standing at the sink to obtain a Blue Keycard. Exit this room and go straight across to the Accounts room.
7. Open the door and search the right hand file cabinet to find another passcode (7120).
8. Head back to where you started this area, and press the red button to open the gate. Go over to the keypad, enter the code, and enter the vault room.
9. In the vault room, use the VISER glasses to see the wires running from the vault to the hanging on the left wall. Open the hanging, and then complete the puzzle to open the vault.
10. Take the statue (it's a fake, but that's OK).
11. Return back to the start of the level and press the red button to open the gate. Press the red button in the next room to exit the area.
12. Back in the main hall, fight past the terrorists. (You can shoot the lines holding up the dinosaur bones to drop them on unsuspecting enemies!)
13. Enter the side room at the far end of the main hall, and press the red button to exit the level. [END of Museum 2]
1. Defeat the terrorists in the first room.
2. In the second room, press the green button on the display stand to turn on the lights (and blind the two terrorists wearing the night-vision goggles).
3. Eliminate or avoid the guard in the third room.
4. In the long narrow room, if you shoot the chandelier hanging above the left guard, it will set him on fire and detonate his grenades, eliminating both guards.
5. Two terrorists shoot a museum guard in the next room. You can find a grapple point to the left of where you enter the room, climb up, and then look at the obelisk to get an Action Icon. Push it over to crush the bad guys. Search the museum guard to obtain the Yellow Keycard, and use it to exit the room.
6. Fight your way through the terrorists in a long, winding warehouse/storage area. You receive notice that the terrorist holding the real statue is getting away, and you must track him down and eliminate him before he reaches his getaway car in the garage at the end of the warehouse area.
7. Once you've stopped him, search his body for the real statue. [END of Museum 3]
1. Head to the right and start the engine on the truck with the open door (it's the only one with an open bed).
2. Ambush the guard who comes over to investigate. Loot the Red Keycard from his body.
3. Sneak past the guardhouse, and use the keycard to open the access hatch, and climb down the ladder.
4. Eliminate the two guards working on the truck, and loot the Blue Keycard from the one of them (he usually cowers in the corner).
5. Use the VISER glasses to see the laser beams in the security trap, and work your way through them (enter, sidestep left, step ahead, sidestep right, step ahead) to get into the next room.
6. In there, press the red button to open the gate. Pick up the body of one of the guards, and place it in the red laser beam trap. Use the keycard to open the access hatch and go down the ladder.
7. Go around the corner to the left, and press the light switch on the wall. The lights will turn on, and lure a guard down here. Hide in the locker, and ambush the guard when he turns his back to Nikki. Pick up and hide the body in the locker.
8. In the room at the top of the ramp, go through the door on the right. Go down the stairs. At the bottom of the stairs, use the sniper rifle and shoot the guard standing behind the glass (sniper rifle rounds penetrate most glass, and make sure you target his head).
9. If you miss, or alert the guard and he locks himself in the room, go back to the room at the top of the ramp. Take the only other door and continue.
10. To avoid the laser trap in the short hallway before the room with the security cameras, grad the small ledge on the left wall near the ceiling and climb to the end of the ledge, and then drop down to the floor.
11. Eliminate the lone guard, and then use the shadows to avoid the security cameras. Once through the door beyond the cameras, eliminate the two guards and avoid the security camera.
12. Eliminate the lone sentry, and sneak past the guardroom. Go through the door.
13. In the next room, avoid the security camera and go around the perimeter of the room, and press the green button to turn off the lasers below. Drop down through the gap in the railing, and cross the grid ceiling (floor to you) under the pipes to arrive above the guard hiding in the little room.
14. Drop down (or shoot the glass ceiling out) and eliminate the guard. Enter the crawlspace.
15. In the next room, jump up to the air vent.
16. In the long hallway that is blocked off by shields, use the grapple point in the ceiling and climb up to the top. Grab the ledge and pull yourself up. From this perch, eliminate the guards.
17. Drop down, run to the end of the walkway, and press the green button to turn off all the shields below. Run back to the other end of the walkway, and drop down to the level below. Run to the end of that hallway and climb down the ladder there. [END of Silo 1]
1. Run down the ramp, through the room, and up the far ramp.
2. In the next room, climb down the ladder, walk to the right, and jump up and grab the ledge. Climb to the far left, and drop down to the walkway below (need to avoid the red lasers).
3. Crouch and avoid the red lasers on the walkway, and go down the center walkway (looks darker than the other walkways), once again avoiding the red lasers. At the end of the center walkway, drop off either side, and run around to the far side of the ledge.
4. Position yourself straight across from the red star with 'CCCP' under it, turn around, and back slowly off the ledge - Nikki will grab it and hold on. Tap down to let go and drop down.
5. There is one section of the floor not covered by a grid here - walk around that and look down until you are positioned directly above the one laser that is turning on and off (malfunctioning). Look for the sparks for a visual clue.
6. Hang off the ledge directly above this laser, wait until it turns off, drop down and then drop down again right away.
7. You'll be in a locked cell - look through one of the windows into the cell that has a prisoner in it to trigger a cut scene. At the end of the scene, the door to your cell unlocks. Exit the cell.
8. Go through the cellblock door and enter the hall. Press the red button to summon the elevator. Go up and exit the elevator.
9. Cross the room (you'll see the boosters of an ICBM) and go through the door. Head up the stairs.
10. Continue up until you are once again in a room and can see an ICBM going up through the middle of the room. On either wall with a red star and 'CCCP' under it, put Nikki's back to the wall and cross the narrow ledge that has black and yellow stripes on it. Go through the doorway and up the stairs.
11. Back in the main silo (can see the ICBM), look up and locate a grapple point. Climb up, go around the ledge, and open (but do not enter) the door.
12. Avoid the security camera (chaff grenades work well too) and enter the hallway on the right. Avoid a second camera and you'll come to a dead end. Look up and enter the air vent in the ceiling.
13. Crawl all the way to the end of the vent, and you'll come to a shuttered portion of vent looking down into a control room. Use the Retina Scanner to capture a scan of Serena's eye (she's the lady in black sitting in a chair facing you).
14. Exit the air vent the way you entered, sneak past or jam the security camera (with a chaff grenade) and enter the room locked with the Retina Scan lock. Eliminate the guard in here, and find the access panel for the Satellite Uplink. It's on the center console in the middle of the room, at crouching level, facing the three windows looking out into the hall.
15. Exit the room and head back to the right, and go through the door straight ahead.
16. Go upstairs until a cutscene starts. [END of Silo 2]
1. NOTE: You have 3 (three) minutes to exit this level! Pay attention to the timer displayed on your screen.
2. Go upstairs. Fight your way through the guards. At the top of the silo, go to the far side of the room and grab the rope to escape the silo. Remember, you must grab the rope before the timer expires. [END of Silo 3]
1. Lure the first guard in from the hallway by playing the piano. Eliminate him with a hand-to-hand attack and hide his body in the tall wooden shipping crate. A second guard will come to investigate. Kill him before he raises the alarm.
2. Go down the hallway, turn right, and jump up into the air vent.
3. Go through the vent to the end, eliminate the guard in the room below, and jump down into the room. Facing the bookcase, go through the doorway to the right.
4. In this room, there is a gun on a pedestal - but it is surrounded by a force field. On the far side of the room, there is a small circular opening in the wall. As it turns out, it is just big enough to fly a FlyCam through.
5. Before you activate a FlyCam, locate the small bureau (a set of drawers) that is just inside the doorway to this room. You can grab it, and push or pull it. Position the bureau in middle the doorway. You'll need that for later. Now, go back to the FlyCam access point.
6. Activate a FlyCam, and send it through the hole. Avoid the yellow security lasers, and steer the FlyCam all the way to the end of the shaft. Run the FlyCam into the circuitry at the end, and that will bring down the force field surrounding the gun.
7. Grab the gun, and exit the room. The bureau you placed in the doorway now prevents the door from locking you in, so you can roll under it and escape before the lasers activate.
8. Back in the bookcase room, go through the door to your left (opposite the bookcase). In the back of the room, there is a freezer. Stand in it, and you will notice a meter appear on the right side of the screen (next to the map). This is your body temperature. Stay in the freezer until the meter goes all the way to the bottom, in the blue zone. Exit the room and turn left, and go through the door.
9. Turn left, right, and left again. You'll pass through a small room that is monitored by a heat sensor, but as long as your body heat stays in the blue half of the meter, you can pass right through it.
10. Just outside the next room, there's a security camera. Shoot it out. Go through the door at the end of the hallway, and enter the main library of the club. Upstairs and to the left is the security room. If you time it just right, you can send in a FlyCam just as a guard is walking out - if you can do this, then you can send the FlyCam into the small hole in the wall and disable the security cameras that cover the main library.
11. In any event, go upstairs and to the left, and enter the security room. Grab the DVD-Rom off the far desk in the corner and exit.
12. Go back down the hallway (staying on the upper level) and enter the air vent in the wall straight ahead of you.
13. Exit the vent, take out the guard, go downstairs, and search the desk. You will locate the Handwriting Sample. Go back upstairs, re-enter the air vent, and exit back into the main library. Go down the main stairs, and exit the library.
14. In the small room just outside the library, there's a picture of a ship. Above that is a FlyCam access point. Use the FlyCam here and send it through to disable the circuitry at the end. This will cause a picture to move aside in the next room (where you disabled the security camera), revealing a switch.
15. Solve the switch puzzle, and the door to your right will open.
16. In the weapons storeroom, head straight to the back of the room and look on the last shelf in the corner. You'll find the Ammunition Clip you need. Also note there's a FlyCam access point just to the right of that, down near the floor.
17. When you attempt the leave the room, a guard enters and triggers the alarm - the door locks, and gas starts to flood the room. A countdown timer also appears, showing you how much time Nikki has before she succumbs to the gas. Push or pull the two pedestals onto the floor vents - this will buy you an extra minute of time. Send a FlyCam through the access point, and disable the gas trap. Exit the room.
18. You now have to rescue the Forger, who has been caught. He is being held in the main room, just outside of where you first started the Klub. Work your way back there.
19. Now you must eliminate the terrorists without raising the alarm - one bad guy is holding a gun on the Forger, and he'll shoot at the first sign of trouble. So move slowly, stay out of their field of vision, and take them out with your hand-to-hand combat attacks. You do this, and you rescue the Forger. [END of Klub 1]
1. In this level, you need to be stealthy as a ghost. If any of the guards raise the alert, Varga will escape. So be silent and deadly. IMPORTANT NOTE: If you kill any guards using any method except by Varga's Pistol, then you MUST hide their bodies. Oh, and remember to save a round for Varga himself.
2. Eliminate the first guard. Move slowly and keep out of sight of the guards patrolling on the upper walkways. Work your way along the lower path, and go through the doorway and down a small flight of stairs.
3. Take out the second guard down here on the lower level. Go to the left (the courtyard exit) and up the small ladder on the left wall. Watch out for the guard up here. Eliminate him.
4. Go through the door, and down the hallway. Dispose of the remaining guards, and enter the upper level of the main courtyard. You should be on the roof of a building. Look for a gap in the railing, and then for a skylight on the roof. Cody will have unlocked the skylight for you if you have stayed within mission parameters. Drop down into Varga's room and end the mission. [END of Klub 2]
1. Climb the ladder, avoiding the two fan lasers.
2. At the top, eliminate (or avoid) the first guard. You can duck under and close the door, trapping him outside.
3. Take out the next guard, and enter the hallway that has a steam vent in front of it. Use VISER and take note of the security lasers. You can duck under the first set. Carefully position Nikki in front of the second trap. You'll notice a slightly larger gap on the center-left side of the grid - crouch down, and move through the gap sideways. Exit the hallway, down the stairs, and through the door ahead.
4. 2 guards patrol this next room, so take them out and stash their bodies in the lockers or behind the computers. Each carries a Red Keycard, so make sure you grab one of those too.
5. Just outside of the locked room with a guard in it, there's a small file cabinet positioned under a window. Search it, and acquire the cipher code. Go up the stairs and watch out for the security camera.
6. To the right is the first vault. Deal with the guard, and use the keycard to open the vault. Go around, and locate the DDC control unit. Enter the code (1103) and take the DDC when it appears (looks like a small card).
7. Head back towards the start. At the bottom of the stairs that go back up to the hallway with the laser traps, look to the left - there you will find the DDC upload point. Upload the DDC, and eliminate the guard who comes running out of the guard room. Go to the guard room, and press the red button. This will unlock the door located near the first vault. Go around, up the stairs, and through the now-open door.
8. You're now in a roughly L-shaped hallway, with locked doors to the right and middle. Enter the door to the left. Go down the stairs, pull the switch at the bottom of the stairs (to the left and under a red light). Dispose of the guard who comes to investigate.
9. Go upstairs, enter the room the guard was in, and press the red button to unlock the last door. Go through that door now.
10. In the staircase room, eliminate the two guards. If you can do this without raising the alarm, you can avoid a nasty firefight. Go to the top of the stairs and enter the air vent next to the locked door. [END of Bank 1]
1. Go up the stairs and follow the patrolling guard. Pick his pocket to obtain the Green Keycard (if you drop him, his supervisor checks in via radio - if he doesn't respond, the alarm will be raised). To the right of the teller's windows there is a locked door - use the keycard to open that up.
2. There's a desk next to the copy machine - search the file cabinet (look for the red folder on top of the desk) and locate the Overhead Transparency. Place it on the overhead projector, and acquire a code (4912). Use that code on the keypad next to the door just inside where you entered this room. Also, in the corner near the projector, press the red button on the wall to turn off a security laser.
3. In the teller's area, locate and press the red button in a little alcove. This unlocks a locked door upstairs. Exit the room, turn left, and go through the now-deactivated security laser (look for some planter boxes on either side).
4. Go through the door on the left and up the ladder. Enter the air vent, go right, right, and then right again - as soon as you turn right the third time, go through the hatch in the floor of the vent, and drop down into the bathroom. (You're on the second level now).
5. Go right, and enter the door. You'll receive a message from Cody. Go back to the bathroom, re-enter the air vent, and backtrack. You'll find a dead-end in the vent with some shutters on it - open them and you'll be looking into the private room of the bank manager. Stauffer is walking around his room, and stops to stare out the window. Capture a retina scan off him and head back to the bathroom.
6. Back in the bathroom, exit, and turn right, going back through the door again. Sneak past the laser traps and security cameras, and down the stairs to the second vault. Open the vault and enter. [END of Bank 2]
1. Go left and around, and up the stairs (watch out for guards and robotic flying sentries). There's a walkway extending into the middle of the room with an elevator shaft. Use the grapple point at the top, and work your way down, avoiding the security lasers. At the bottom, walk ahead to the open room.
2. In this room, there's a series of 3 rings of lasers spinning around carousel-style. Look for the gaps in each ring and work your way through the lasers to the red button on the far side of the room. Press the red button to deactivate the trap and open the stairs to the main vault.
3. At the bottom of the stairs, you'll come up against the massive door of the main vault. Use VISER to evaluate the lock tumblers inside the door - you'll need to turn the dials until all the arrow points on each tumbler line up. Do that, and the vault opens before you. (The upper dial is 5, lower dial 5, left dial 7, right dial 2.)
4. In the vault, use VISER to find the safe deposit boxes that contain the bearer bonds (7, 17, 23, 33, 48 and 52). Take them and exit the vault before the 3 minute timer expires and traps you in the vault. Head back upstairs.
5. There's an elevator at the bottom of the shaft - get on it and press the green button.
6. After the cinema scene, a fight ensues. Nikki must eliminate the guards, and then face down Serena. Defeat Serena and Nikki is good to go. [END of Bank 3]
1. Avoid or eliminate the guards at the start. To the left of the stairs is an air vent - enter it and go to the other side. Exit into the room below.
2. Use a hand-to-hand combat move on the lab tech playing pinball. Store his body in the left side locker. Take the lab coat from the right side locker and put it on. You can now move past the guards without raising the alarm, as long as you don't let them get too close to you.
3. Head upstairs and exit the room, go across the hall, and enter this room. Pick the pocket of the lab tech working on the computer to obtain the Red Keycard, and exit. Turn right, and go to the end of the hall. On the left side, use the keycard to open the door.
4. In the next room, there's a guard in the control room. Take the Green Keycard from him. Use it on the card reader in that room and go through the door. Go around the corner and down the hall, and turn right. Press the red button and enter the door that opens.
5. You're looking down into a shaft filled with security lasers and other nasty traps. With your back to the door, walk around the room to the left, and hang off the end of the ledge. Drop straight down. Climb a bit to the right, and watch the pattern of the first laser (it goes on and off three times, so go right after it turns off for the third time). Climb to the right to the second laser. Same pattern, just a little tougher because you are rounding a corner. Climb all the way to the right and drop down. Climb right and get past the third laser trap (same pattern). Go right to the end and drop down. Climb to the right to the end, and watch the pattern of the horizontally-aligned lasers (same pattern). Drop past them. Climb to the right, and drop to the floor. Enter the air vent in the bottom of the trap shaft, and crawl through. [END of Reliance 1]
1. The door to your right is locked. Go straight, and left. Eliminate the guards by the door at the end of the hallway. Enter the centrifuge room. Take out the lab techs, and stop the centrifuge (use the console directly in front of it). Go back to the start, and through the now-unlocked door.
2. In the lab area, go to the right and look up on the ceiling. There's a section with a faint red glow - you'll find an air vent there. Jump up and go through it.
3. Drop off the top of the control room, and enter it. Press the switch in the room to turn off the force fields. Exit the room, turn left, and go into the air vent at floor lever in the corner, just below the security camera and machine gun turret. Drop down to the floor and go up the stairs in front of you.
4. In the next room, fight your way through the guards. Head down the stairs, and exit the room. Turn left, go straight through two doors, and then follow the stairs all the way up. [END of Reliance 2]
1. WALK TO THE RIGHT down to ground level, head over to the left, and up the stairs. Enter the Auxiliary Laboratory. Head down the hall and through the door.
2. In the lab, go straight and left to the far end of the lab. Look for an object that looks like a pedestal with a transparent dome covering it. There's a glowing blue object in the center. Take it. This will trigger an explosion in the lab next to you, and cause the scientists trapped there to expire.
3. Nikki is also trapped, thanks to the force field that came down when the explosion took place. If she's facing the dome, turn left. In the top left corner there is a FlyCam access point. Send the FlyCam in, go through the vent (right, straight, left and out). Once the FlyCam is out, turn around and fly it into the three red lasers in the panel that opened up. That will short out the force field and open it up.
4. Go into the room with the dead scientists. Take a retina scan from the scientist who is laying face up (wearing a blue lab coat and camo pants). Leave the room, and head back to the main room. When you exit the Auxiliary Lab, turn right, and then left (stay on the upper level) and go down to the end. Press the red button to open the gate, avoiding the security camera. Turn left onto the elevated walkway, and use the retina scan lock to open the door. Go through and down to the end of the hallway.
5. When you reach the loading bay, a countdown timer will appear. You have 2 minutes to operate the 2 valves (wheels) on the tanker truck. Once you move the second valve, you have 14 seconds to exit the loading bay. When you re-enter, you must fight Serena one-on-one. Eliminate her (for good). [END of Reliance 3]
1. Fight your way through the guards here. You can shoot the fire (barrel) and that will set fire to the guard working on the truck. Climb up the ladder to the walkway and enter the air vent on the far right side.
2. Drop down into the hallway. In the main room, head up the ramp to the right and into the control room. You must eliminate all guards in this area. Try not to alert them. Press the red button (opens the large exterior doors) and exit the room. [END of MoD 1]
1. NOTE: At the start of this level, Nikki does NOT have use of her weapons and equipment! This is by design, so please don't panic.
2. Hide in the cell (jump up onto the ceiling and hang there - the guards will come in, fail to locate Nikki, and leave). Ambush the guards and take them out hand-to-hand. Go up the ramp and to the right, circling around until you come to a guard standing outside a door locked by a keycard reader. Take him out (or pick his pocket) and get the Blue Keycard. Open the door and enter.
3. In this room, search the file cabinet for Nikki's gear (you regain full use of weapons and equipment at this point). Use the switch next to the door to unlock it, and go through. Follow the hallway around.
4. This leads to an open area, with some guards on a metal staircase. There's a power line on the left wall that is sparking and flickering - target it and shoot it. This will cause the line to contact the stairs, and zap the guards on it. Head up the stairs and go through the door.
5. In the next room, press the green switch on the yellow generator to turn off the lights. This will draw out the guard from the room closest to you. Deal with him, and enter the room (first on the right). Drop down into the open crawlspace on the right side of the room, and crawl to the end. Climb out and stand in the cloud of leaking coolant gas until your body temperature goes to the bottom of the meter (in the blue). Press the red button and exit through the door. Run ahead and to the right (through the heat-sensing trap) and up the ramp.
6. Fight the guards on the bridge. If the bridge blows up, use the grapple points to cross the gap. Solve the puzzle switch to the left of the door to unlock it, and enter. [END of MoD 2]
1. Go straight ahead and through the door on the right. Eliminate guards and go up the stairs, across walkway, into control room. Press red button on wall to the left of the window. This triggers a sequence that ends up flooding the research room with gas.
2. Exit the room, down the stairs, and through the door into the BioSuit storage room. Press the red button to put on the BioSuit. Exit the room, go right, left and right into the main research room (the doors close behind you).
3. Go left, and search the body of the dead lab tech to get the Red Keycard. Turn around, and run ahead and up the stairs into the main control room.
4. In the control room, there is a black panel labeled 'Proton Gun Control Unit' with a card reader attached to it. Use your keycard, and that will reveal a red button that fires the proton gun (if you fire it now, it will only hit the shield).
5. Exit the main control room on the other side, down the stairs, and to the left. Press the button on the shield control panel to remove the shield. Go back into the control room, and press the firing button. Boom. Slavko is no more.
6. Leave the control room, and jump down into the firing trench. Go through the hole in the wall, and exit through the door to the right.
7. Fight your way through the long, winding hallway. At the end, go up the ramp into the large warehouse area. Eliminate the guards, go up the stairs, and left through the door. Go all the way around to the elevated walkway, and go to the far side of the room. Go through the door, and step onto the elevator. [END of MoD 3]
1. There is a rescue helicopter circling this area, and 3 enemy soldiers firing at it with RPGs. You MUST eliminate the RPG soldiers before they shoot down the helo.
2. Two are running back and forth along the elevated walkway. The third is higher up on a separate walkway. Once they are dealt with, finish off any remaining guards and grab the rope lowered by the helo.[END of MoD 4]
1. Defeat the horde of guards who rush into the first room. Nikki can use the minigun (just to the left of where she starts), and the Adrenaline Boost also works wonders here (makes the enemy move VERY slow). Once all guards are neutralized, go to the top of the ramp and press the red button to open the main doors.
2. Eliminate the guards down to the right, and then push the metal crate into the path of the red lasers to the left. Duck under the lasers and press the red button next to the door. Enter the big room.
3. There are some enemy snipers in this room. They are hard to see because they are wearing 'stealth suits' (they look like the critter from the movie 'Predator' when it goes into stealth mode). Nikki, of course, can do the same by selecting her stealth suit in the item menu. Duel with the snipers, or run straight through the room to the other side, jogging to the right and entering the door in the far right corner.
4. Fight the guards in the next room, heading up the stairs. Take out more guards in the following room, again heading up. You'll head through a corridor and come to a door that leads out onto an elevated walkway through the length of the big room you first encountered the stealth snipers in.
5. Run down this walkway to the far end and through the door (you can take out some more snipers if you wish).
6. In the next room, a guard above tries to drop grenades on you, but also manages to blow himself (and the walkway he was standing on) up. Go through the doorway and run down the walkway down the other side of the big room.
7. Go through the hallway, and you'll enter a room. The doors close automatically behind you, and you must fight some guards hiding behind crates, as well as a stealth soldier with a bomb strapped to his body who runs towards you. Get him before he gets you! Go up the stairs and through the next door.
8. Here, the guards panic, and blow the stairs up - blocking your progress. Eliminate the remaining guard. On the right side of the room there is a very small ledge ender some red pipes that Nikki can jump up and grab. Climb out over the railing, and then drop down twice. Climb to the right and pull yourself up into the air vent.
9. You enter a room with a generator and a tall ladder going up. Go up the ladder (watch out for the guard who enters the room), and then jump up into the air vent.
10. Go through the vent, drop down out of it, go through the opening on the right, and up the stairs. You'll come out at the top of the big room (the sniper/big laser room). Fight through the guards here, down the length of the walkway, around, and back up the length of the walkway on the opposite side. Go through the door. [END of Installation 1]
1. Eliminate the two guards waiting at the bottom of the ladder. Go down the ladder. In the next room (before you reach the red laser trap), look up into the ceiling and locate an air vent. Jump up into it and go through the vent. You'll drop down on the other side of the laser trap.
2. As you go through the door into the next room, it closes behind you. Climb the ladder and grab the wooden crate directly ahead of you. Pull it and push it onto the metal lift that already has a wooden crate on it. Behind you is a control console. Activate it, and this will cause the lifts to switch places, and now you can grab the metal crate. (If you pushed the wooden crate into the laser, have no fear - press the red button on the wall next to the conveyor belt and a new wooden crate will spawn).
3. Push and pull the metal crate into the path of the red lasers, and duck under them.
4. Out in the hallway, you'll be forced to fight it out with a small army of guards. Use all of your resources to eliminate them (there's also a minigun you can get your hands on). Once the guards are gone, head through the door. [END of Installation 2]
1. MINIBOSS FIGHT - Red Robot. If you damage the robot, it'll use one of two repair stations to instantly heal itself. You should destroy the repair stations first, and then attack the robot.
2. Find the power sources! There are 6 power cells total, 3 for each repair station. Use your VISER to find the wiring that leads to them if need be. (There are two at ground level; three at medium height [including one tucked way in the back above one of the repair stations, hard to spot] and one hidden behind a pillar at ceiling level). Once both repair stations have been destroyed, attack the robot by shooting him in the face. Once he is scrap metal, get on the elevator that has the rotating lights on it. Ride the lift up, and go through the door. [END of Installation 3]
1. BOSS FIGHT - Scorpion Tank. Move away from Peter (if the tank hurts him, it's Game Over). Find some cover behind crates or pillars. The tank will break free of the construction platforms surrounding it, and then attack you.
2. Destroy both miniguns, and then take out the eyes (3 hits each eye on Agent difficulty). The eyes cannot be hurt when they are firing the lasers. Run around and blow up the missile launcher, located on the tank's back (you'll see the missile tubes open and close).
3. Now the tank will smash the ground, and send a shockwave of debris flying out. Then, it will rise up and shoot the 'big glowing ball of death' at Nikki. When it rises up, it exposes a weak spot (naturally) on the belly. Shoot it until the tank blows up in a nice, big, gratifying explosion. [CONGRATULATIONS] [THE END] [GAME OVER] [THANK YOU FOR PLAYING ROGUE OPS]
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