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Mech Platoon for all platforms

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Joined: 13 Jun 2005
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PostPosted: Jun Mon 13, 2005 9:49 am    Post subject: Mech Platoon for all platforms Reply with quote

just like everyone who visits this website, i agree. Mech Platoon is a great game and it needs to be remade. BUT it needs to be remade for ALL handhelds, not just the PSP. Everyone in the other forums are singling out the game to the PSP which make no sense because they are practically telling kemco to decrease sales by only releaseing the game for one platform. I own a DS and i love it. Believe me, the game would be a lot easier to control with the touch screen. Anyway, Kemco, please, if there is a remake, dont feature the game for just one handheld.

Please give us a mech platoon 2.
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PostPosted: Jun Mon 13, 2005 10:13 am    Post subject: Reply with quote

Suggestion noted. Again, please realize there are many things that go into making a game before it is ever made. For example, current life cycle of a system, marketability, consumer appeal, previous success, budget, etc. However, I do appreciate everyone's comments, good and bad, on Kemco games. And I do read all of them. Keep the comments coming guys and gals. Twisted Evil
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Joined: 25 Mar 2005
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PostPosted: Dec Fri 30, 2005 12:21 pm    Post subject: Reply with quote

I am personally one of the if not biggest fan of Mech Platoon, personally I would love to see MP2 on PSP or DS. As you were saying aobut the systems and the life cycles. PSP will no doubt have a long life cycle for more than 8 years (sony's playstation promise is of 10 years) and nintendo ds will no doubt have a long cycle itself considering that the GBA is still going strong. Each system has its stong points, PSP with is graphical powerhouse and 16 player infrastucture and DS with touch screen and 2 screens enables to have options and game running simutaniosly. So no doubt that that the game wont last, why just look at socom FTB on psp and mario kart ds, both games are amazing but what makes it better is the online, online = more replay value.

If Kemco will make this game I wish I could help becuase if I were to help I could make the game become great. I am starting this september to start my game design course in college and considering my great knoweldge of games and knowing what makes a great game and also one of the top reader reviewers for Gamespot. Not saying that you guys are not going to make it bad but I have so many ideas that can make MP2 (if it were to be) an amazing game.

First I want to cover the PSP then the DS.


- Graphics

Amazing graphical power (almost on par as ps2) The game could look amazing, with highly detailed realistic looking mechs (no more cartoonish mechs) beautiful enviorments, particle effects for great weapon and explosion effects, great lighting. All that on the beautiful 16x9 LCD screen.

- Functionality

With the ability to go 16 player infrastructure and ad-hoc modes enables great potental with countless hours of replay value online and better yet with the release of the PSP headset enables voice communication. As I said look at SOCOM FTB, I beta tested that game and bought it right away becuase the online is just great, with 16 players including friends list, clans, I have spent hours apon hours this week alone playing it online. also using the analog on the PSP would make it soo much easier to use than the dpad to select units.

Now lets talk downloadable content, if the game were to include a map editor mode then being able to bring that map online and allow users to download them would make it greater.


- Graphics

Now we know the DS isnt as powerful as PSP and lot of developers dont take advantage of it. The game can still be in 3d and do alot of what the PSP can do but would have to be done in a lower state.

- Functionality

The DS having 2 screens enables the user to have the game play on the bottom screen and the options or stats on the top. With the DS having the touch screen enables the user to use the stylis to select units.

With the DS also having online I believe up to 8 players (it might be 4, cant remember) which also enables more replay value and including the built in mic allows more communication between players like the PSP. The only downfall would be that the DS could not do the downloadable content.

I have seen comments saying that the game would have to be sprite based on psp which is false, psp runs at 222mhz with the ability to run 500 low poly count models on screen at once, now I know mech platoon wont have that many units on screen at once but considering it can handle that much is great so 500 low poly = 50 high poly at once and still run at a great frame rate. Why look at gta, the game runs at 222mhz and runs at 30 fps and look what can be accomplished, they have full 3d worlds running in real time. They said this because they are comparing PSP to current RTS games which should not be done, if it were to be made it would be designed for a engine to run on PSP or DS to make the game run. Also he was saying that a RTS would be insufficent on PSP becuase of the controls.......then why the hell are we talking about Mech Platoon that was on a GameBoy Advance, last time I checked GBA had less contol than DS and PSP, if you were to make it on PSP and DS then the controls would be fine, especially PSP since its not like the DS with a touch screen it would use a similar control scheme to MP on GBA but use the analog instead to move easier and faster around. I know I might be a bit bias towards to PSP but thats why I have also included DS in my statement. If it were to be made please make a DS and a PSP version and dont leave one of us out.

I hope this helps because I speak for all of us when I say please make Mech Platoon 2! Alot of companies do not take opertunities to make sequels from good games. So please take this into consideration and as a reference there is a new game from SOE called Feild Commander that its a turn based RTS that has online. I know its turned based and mech platoon is real time but is good to see what they are doing.

Thank you.

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