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Cyber Ninjas

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Joined: 10 Apr 2005
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PostPosted: Jan Thu 05, 2006 3:26 pm    Post subject: Cyber Ninjas Reply with quote

I unlocked these last night and yes, it's amazing what they do. At the same time I'm horrified. They're great to use, but if I had to deal with them, I'd have no idea how to counter. There is no way to kill them becuase they have 99% evasion. They totaly skew the balance in this game. Has anyone found a tactic or weapon to kill them? I'm considering attacking with a long-range AGM platform like a B-1 or FB-22 to test. Can you unlock a nuke, or better yet the death star? Germany makes a good death star, right?
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Joined: 28 Oct 2005
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PostPosted: Jan Fri 06, 2006 2:55 pm    Post subject: Reply with quote

It's unfortunate that SystemSoft put these in the game without putting something else to balance them. Then again their entire point is a sort of "joke" of imbalance. I don't think the button codes were in the Japanese version of the game and so the CN offers you a quick way to resolve a fight if you're up against the 99 turn limit...and if you're playing as Japan.

Germany...death star...lmao
and it wasn't just the romance of it all
that gives me what I get
but something back there nameless -Bukowski
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PostPosted: Jan Tue 10, 2006 3:53 pm    Post subject: Killing CNs Reply with quote

CNs are a bugger to kill, fortunately the computer never seems to build them, but after I unlocked them and had fun with them for a while, I erased my game data and started over so they wouldn't even be an option anymore.

CNs are had to kill no matter what, and what is needed is a number of recon units, cheaper the better, and you really need to be America to kill them because of the need for AGMs.

A number of Recon trucks or M3s can be sent out to look for them, and I guarantee the recon units will die, but then you have a decent idea as to where they are. Send in more recon units to find them again (they're sodding fast, too, and then you need some B-1s, FB-22s, or B-2s standing off with AGMs, and you need to hit them from more than 8 hexes away. IF they aren't S level or some adbsurd thing like that and your own units are experienced, you have a good shot of really hurting them, and once they are down to three or four, even ground units can possibly wear them down.

One tactic I never tried before erasing them was using a Prowler to jam the Ninja's, blinding them and allowing long range units to attack without reprisal. It might be worth a shot, and if that works other nations with EW planes MIGHT have a chance to defend against the damn Ninjas.

Frankly they are a really stupid unit, kinda fun to play with at first, but so broken it's no fun to play with them for long, and NO ONE wants to be up against them, unless you are both playing Japan and have access to them, in which case it becomes a slugfest between 1-3 Ninja squads. Boring!
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