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Letter to BITS STUDIO (about Rogue Ops)

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PostPosted: Jun Thu 10, 2004 4:39 pm    Post subject: Letter to BITS STUDIO (about Rogue Ops) Reply with quote

Hi friends,

I wanted to send a mail to BITS, but I couldn't find their e-mail address. Since this forum seems to be the only place for a contact of some kind, I just post my mail to them here and hope they'll read it...


Hi folks from BITS STUDIO,

first of all, I want to express my thanks to you for making a great game: Rogue Ops! I played it on XBOX and enjoyed it pretty much.
However, I think you already guess I wouldn't bother sending a mail to you, if there wouldn't be more on my mind than just saying "thank you". You're right: I want to add a few comments on the game.

I start with my only real and most serious complain: It was a major disappointment for me that the camera was generally fixed behind Nikki. She's much more attractive than the hero of Splinter Cell, and she really deserves a camera that can rotate around her and zoom in and out, thereby making the most of her appearence. Just take a look at the camera of "Beyond Good and Evil" and you know what I'm talking about.
Don't get me wrong, though. Your camera is quite effective in the game, so it should stay as the main camera in a sequel, but it should be toggleable with a camera like the one I've described. You could use R3 as a toggle button, for instance.

My second complain (don't worry, I have only three!): The player should be able to take a closer look at Nikki's items and weapons. In the first levels I didn't really know what Nikki was picking up, so I didn't know of what use it could be. The icons of weapons and items looked different than the pictures in the manual, so the manual was of little help when I faced this problem.

Last complain: The game was too short!
Yeah, I know: Any great game is too short, no matter how many levels and hours of gameplay it has to offer, if you ask a player who enjoyed playing it. But 8 missions plus training? Come on people! How about 16?

Ok, you've suffered enough by reading my whining complains. Maybe I should also tell you what I really loved...

I've never seen a game where shooting around corners worked so well like it did in Rogue Ops. I had many duels where I let Nikki use this tactic, and was surprised to see it really working. I never managed to let Sam Fisher fight this way, although this feature is also available in Splinter Cell.

The difficulty setting is quite fair. I played the game on easy, and it never got too hard. I hate these game where "easy" means "for advanced players only" and "normal" is already "mission impossible", you know.

Well, there was much more I liked. Responsive controls, Nikki's cat-like animations etc., but I don't want to spoil you (or bore you to death). Nikki is really a killer babe. I liked her style and her adventure and this brings me to the conclusion of this letter: Please make a sequel! You just have to do one (No, not one but many more!)! Or do you want me to feel like it was only a waste of time writing a mail to you? icon_wink.gif

With kind greetings from Germany - Your JP
(And please, accept my apologys when I made any mistakes or sounded a bit arrogant. Perhaps my english isn't really bad, but it's still a foreign language for me!)
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