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The future is upon us. Unfortunately, security on Earth has yet to be realized in the midst of superior technological advancement. Magnus Tide, a young, energetic, freelance fighter pilot, is on the brink of an amazing journey that will put him up against the powers that threaten his home and way of life.

With Magnus behind the controls of his beloved Sagittarius the fighter ship instantly becomes one of the deadliest machines in the galaxy. Magnus Tide’s youth and inexperience might be his greatest weakness but in the end it may also play out to be his greatest attribute. Take control of the multiple weapons and capabilities of Sagittarius and force your futuristic foe to pay the ultimate price.

Come fly with Kemco, and let YagerEshow you a world of fast paced, fighter pilot action where the stakes are high and the altitude is low:

Ultimate control of your fighter ship is essential. Yager features a complex control system that is both easy to learn and quick to master. Sagittarius has the capability of switching between hover and jet modes so you have even more variability in the ships maneuvering capabilities.

Intense aerial combat, with a combination of dog fighting missions and ground attack objectives.

22 large scale levels! Magnus Tide’s world is enormous with multi-faceted terrain that must be used integrally in the flight strategy depending on the mission objectives. Dive into canyons and soar over mountains but don’t let the impressive landscapes distract you from your task at hand.

Impressive range of ships, including agile fighters to larger battleships and carriers. When Tide is not in the Sagittarius he might find himself behind the controls of a gun turret fending of pesky enemies.

Engaging story line that features constant vocal interaction with numerous characters throughout the game.
Genre: Air Combat Shooter
Rating: T for Teen (Language, Violence, Alcohol Reference)
Platform: Xbox, PC
Release Date: Available Now!