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Chicago Enforcer

By the late 1920's the effects of Prohibition were seemingly irreversible. The laws against alcohol consumption and sale created some of the most prolific organized crime syndicates the United States had ever seen. Al Capone and his squad of Enforcers ruled the Chicago streets with brute force, and controlled Chicago authorities with cash bribes. In a world like this anything goes and keeping a low profile is hardly essential.

Take to the streets of Chicago as one of Al Capone’s notorious Enforcers. Choose from the wide range of authentic gangster weapons and make your opposition an offer they can’t refuse. The strait forward storyline will engulf you in fast paced, heavy action sequences were the choice of weapon and ability to maneuver will certainly make the difference. If the missions aren’t enough try your luck at the 8 player Xbox Live Death-match and Team Death-match modes.

This classic 1st person shooter is sure to impress with its smooth game play and limitless features. Missions include numerous side objectives that allow player to collect cash and unlock special bonuses.

Immense replay value, Xbox Live features 8 player matches that take place on 6-8 custom levels.

Extensive selection of weapons from a lead pipe to the ever impressive “Tommy gun" and BAR rifle. Specialty weapons are also available such as Molotov cocktails and a 30-06 sniper rifle.

10 action packed levels with a variety of different themes from bombing rival breweries to saving Al Capone himself.

Impressive AI, do not underestimate non player characters, their reactions to certain situations give the game play a realistic feel.

Genre: First Person Shooter
Rating: M for Mature (Blood, Violence)
Platform: Xbox
Release Date: Available Now!