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Dai Senryaku VII: Modern Military Tactics

In warfare strategy is everything, without it you are destined for failure. Everything must be taken into consideration: distance, terrain, firepower, armor etc. They are all pivotal factors and a successful commander neglects none of them. Actions create reactions and how you respond, keeping in mind the crucial factors of warfare, will determine your success as a dominate force in the world of turn based strategic war simulation.

Command an entire military force with the most modern technologies of war. Join the 3-D battlefield with Kemco’s Dai Senryaku and test your abilities against the unrelenting computer AI or challenge your friends to an all out battle. Choose from an enormous selection of vehicles ranging from land, sea and even air attack mediums. If you don’t like the terrain you are dealt create your own with the map editor and design it to your specific strategic strengths. Don’t hesitate and don’t second guess, both will do you no good in this exciting modern warfare simulation.

Classic turn base war simulation with modern warfare theme that features

Over 400 vehicles to choose from with a wide range of strengths and weaknesses and also a wide range of purpose and abilities.

User friendly controls with over 160 maps to wage battle on, plus a Map Editor where you can create your own battlefields. Play with or against up to three of your friends in Free Play Mode!

3-D battlefield in which the player can choose the angle and distance of the game play view.

Genre: Turn Based Strategy
Rating: E for Everyone (Violence)
Platform: Xbox
Release Date: Available Now!