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Wheels spin. Dirt flies. Somewhere among the shadows of oblivion your tires triumph over centrifugal force. Your million-dollar factory rally car drifts through a turn as the road rises to meet you. "Caution!" barks your co-driver. In half a heartbeat your car launches over a bump, porpoises through the mud and explodes past a mired rival. Nobody ever said anything about driving a clean race.

Jump-start your portable racing fun with the most realistic and visually stunning rally game ever released for the Game Boy® Advance! Kemco's Top Gear® Rally features an array of contemporary and classic rally cars, including a rare and exclusive collectable vehicle. Listen to the verbal instructions from your co-driver as you fly through over eighty suspension-pounding stages. Win new factory parts, cars or secret passwords you can use to compete with rally racers at Kemco's Top Gear® Rally web site!

  • Rendered 3D polygon vehicles! Every car in Top Gear® Rally is fully rendered for realism that drifts through every turn, at any angle!
  • Over 80 stages in ten geographic regions! Visually stunning courses range from expansive arid desserts to narrow forest roads.
  • Four racing modes and an array of stages! Top Gear® Rally includes Championship Mode, Time Attack Mode, Quick Race Mode and Practice Mode.
  • Exclusive limited edition cars! Each Top Gear® Rally pak features eleven cars. Ten cars are available worldwide, but one is unique depending on where the pak is purchased!
  • Head-to-head multiplayer challenges! Two players can race each other with the Game Boy® Advance Game Link® Cable.
  • Real global racing competition! Players earn special passwords to post their top times at the Top Gear® Rally web site!


Genre: Racing
Rating: E (Everyone)
Platform: Game Boy Advance
Release: Q3 2003

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